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Ranocchi Group: Union Makes Strength

Giovanni Ranocchi, founder of TeamSystem, after getting one of the most remarkable achievements in the IT market of the last thirty years, in 2002 decided to undertake a new and exciting business venture: the Ranocchi Group.

Not by chance was chosen the brand name of the founder: experience, competence and determination, are in fact own characteristics of Giovanni Ranocchi and represent the principles on which is based the business project.

The synergy between the NTS Informatica Group and the Ranocchi Group is achieved through a highly competitive and integrated offering for business and payroll consultants. A team of companies to solve customer needs, providing the best in terms of technology, solutions and services.



Ranocchi (Holding)

Based in Pesaro, conducts marketing, product policies, training, network management and administrative services for the other group companies.
The product distribution and the service supply take place in a “direct” way with the group companies, and in an “indirect” way through a network of selected Software Partners.

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Ranocchi GIS

Ranocchi Lab

It is the brainchild and the determination of six skilled software technicians (with a twenty-years experience in analysis, development and assistance to payroll programs) have created GIS PAGHE, to the present considered the most complete and innovative solution on the market.


Ranocchi COM

Ranocchi Com 

Founded in Rimini, operating since 1989 in the market of software and tax management for  business consultants and companies. After having entered into the Group, Ranocchi Com has become the center of production of the new platform for business consultants GIS COM, perfectly integrated, as it is built on the same basic data, with the application of payroll, GIS PAGHE.




It was born in Pesaro in 2003 following an idea of a group of specialized professionals in the ICT sector (Information and Communication Technology) to design and realize and implement Open Source solutions with a high technical content specially created for the market of professionals and companies.


Villa Matarasso

Villa Matarazzo

Villa Matarazzo is the training center of the Ranocchi Group. A noble residence of the early twentieth century, renovated and transformed in an elegant 4 –stars hotel, is located on the hill of Fanano, in front of the medieval Castel of Gradara, on the boundary between Romagna and Marche. Immersed in a huge private park of 30 hectares, with countless varieties of the Mediterranean flora, pines, oaks and secular oak trees, the villa has 15 rooms with all facilities and a conference center with perfectly equipped meeting rooms of various dimensions.
The exclusive property is enriched with a sea-view pool, a botanical garden and a panorama that sweeps from Gradara to San Leo, from San Marino to Ravenna, embracing the entire Adriatic Coast.


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