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Business Intelligence: IDW - Intelligent Dataware House

NTS Project, a NTS Group company, has developed iDW that allows the company to analyze all the information to support business decisions.

iDW is a web application integrated to the ERP Software Business but it cab be also easily integrated with other management software.

Through a set of reports and analyzes already available, iDW is an irreplaceable tool for supporting business decisions. Multidimensional reports and analyzes are navigable to achieve a high level of detail and include graphs and indicators, also navigable, to represent intuitively specific results.

iDW, thanks to the "Open Repository" technology, or specialized programs already in the company.

With iDW, you can define the access rights of the various operators to allow the display of only their own data and automatically send e-mails with their updated data.

The Mail module allows to schedule automatic deployment of business intelligence reports (attachments in .PDF or .XLS format) to recipients to meet the need to timely communicate the statistics to the various corporate figures involved.

The Microsoft Power BI Integration Module allows the company to create analysis that, solely and exclusively, authorized operators can in turn manipulate by creating and saving custom views.


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