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Warehouse and Logistics: the perfect solution for warehouse, sales and purchases

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The warehouse encoding allows to manage numeric warehouses or, if the logistic granule is present, to sort the locations within the warehouse on a optional 5 level hierarchical structure. It is possible to indicate for each location if it can hold single products or different products. The handling of loads and unloading can be piloted by configuration tables which allow to obtain warehouse development LIFO (last in first out,), FIFO (first in first out), Last Purchase Cost, Medium Cost Charge.

Items with Variants and items with Sizes & Colors with a product management according to logics of models/colors/sizes/fittings and with logics of seasons or sample collections. Furthermore it is possible to manage the in the production involved items “in phases”, avoiding the encoding of the inter medium semi-finished products for single manufacturing. For more complex needs it is possible to activate logics of product codes generation based on technical and commercial characteristics, with options, alternatives, variants, measures, thanks to the use of a configurator based on the characteristics of the Business Neutral Bill of Material. The configuration tool can also be recalled by the order and offer management.

Traceability is ensured by an efficient management of batches and serial numbers that allow the identification of incoming and outgoing lots and of the manufacturing lots,  thanks also to the PDA Goods Receipt granule of Logistics,  concretely improving the associated processes to verification and sort control activities of the supplier deliveries. The granule ensures the inventory updating in real time and a precise control of the confirmation operations of the loads from the Back Office is possible. Moreover it is possible to plan “picking” operation of realized deliveries at the same time as the picking operations of the goods from their locations or creating virtual packing that  will be progressively substituted by real packing, defined according to the volume, the weight and contents. To make a simple inventory control on inventories, the Logistic granule has a feature that allows to prepare one or more item “lists”  to check the real  existence in stock.

The Active Cycle for Sales and the Purchasing Cycle for Suppliers and Contractors for contract work are realized in few programs and satisfy the needs of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses with  more complex needs, starting by Offers (by CRM and Customer Service granules) or simply by entering offers, purchase orders and sales orders. Documents may be issued with currency prices and descriptions in language.
The user has an efficient commercial condition management based on price lists, discounts, contracts, giveaways with or without VAT costs imputation and as discount in goods. The accounting of the sales and purchase invoices can be done during the document issue or through  a deferred recording program.

Commissions for agents on clients or products, in percentage or value and according to annual targets are possible to manage. The procedure is equipped with functions for calculating social-security contributions and for the indemnity calculation for the different contract types.

The purchase cycle may use a specific granule to issue Purchase Requisition (RDA), even starting from the order proposals which had been generated by the MRP (Material Requirements Planning).



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